We are probably the fastest growing photo producer in Europe. We developed unique IT solutions to make our services fast and cost effective, that’s why we offer our products with the lowest possible prices! It means that you can get much better profits with us. Our company is over 3 000 square meters with offices, manufacturing and warehouse. The greatest production hall occupies an area consisting of several departments which are dynamically cooperating in the implementation of ordered products.


Photo Lab
We are a leader in the production of prints and photo albums, and our laboratory for several years is the largest in Poland. We currently have six modern Noritsu HD photo labs These innovative devices offer the highest available resolution 640 DPI in HD quality. The use of dedicated production materials allows us to maintain pure white, deep blacks and saturated colours, and realistic skin tone at the same time.

Digital printing
As the only company in Poland we have in our machine park three professional digital printing presses Xerox, with lines 800 and 1000. Modern devices provide very high resolution of the printed image (2400x2400 dpi), so we get vivid colours, smooth tonal transitions and sharp text. Such high quality prints allow to create photobooks and photocalendars with photographic quality.

Our bindery is equipped with professional equipment for efficient, manual composition of photo products. An experienced team of bookbinders and modern tools, provide aesthetic performance and a perfect finishing in the shortest time. High quality and durability of the product is ensured by the use of the best materials.Continuous investment in the development of the crew and the machinery allow us to effectively shorten production time while offering products of higher quality and precision.

Our Partners